Expansive, not Expensive...

Artful Imagery Outdoor Photography

Expansive, not Expensive...

Artful Imagery Outdoor Photography

About Tim

Artful Eyes

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I am versatile in several art forms and in living an artful lifestyle by utilizing the many skills I've acquired along my path of an adventurous and experiential life...

Communicative Imagery


I am immersed within the natural world, in physicality and the etheric realms as well. 

As fellow human beings, we are all drawn to the beauty and magic of nature, as we are an integral part of it all...

Sharing Stories


Through my imagery I convey the inspiration that the natural world offers to me.

I invite you to view the adventure videos, outdoor photography and more from "The Adventures of Ki & T." and the various books, music and more that I share with you here...

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Your support and contributions are very much appreciated and help us to continue our artful lifestyle of love, light and adventure, to share with you..!

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